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2nd Hand Glasses

We were in Value Village looking for character glasses and there was no mirror around. So because of their failure at producing a reflective surface, you get this. $3.99’s not bad I guess.



8 Responses to “2nd Hand Glasses”

  1. You’re the worst, and a copy man.
    There’s a VV right near my place, want me to go scrounging for anything for you guys, G?

  2. I can’t think of anything offhand, but if have enough lead time for something I will DEFINITELY tell you. I think yours is bigger than the one in Vic too.

  3. We have like six of the fuckin’ things, here. I know where three are, I believe.

  4. Why….is the image reversed?

    The writing on the tag is…mirrored….

    Are you back in the mirror world, Graham?

  5. It’s not reversed, the tag itself has just flopped upside-down.

  6. Really? I see all the numbers and “thingies” as a mirror image… Maybe it’s just my stupid Microsquish browser acting up???

  7. Try to kind of turn your head upside down and then look at it.

  8. Ok…. that was just a ID10T error on my part…

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