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12 Hour Edit

I got up at noon today (having been up late working on this very video) and I’m just now finishing it up. This is a shot of the editing timeline, with it’s 8 video layers and 6 audio tracks.
It’s been quite the slog. Luckily it turned out very well.



3 Responses to “12 Hour Edit”

  1. Crikey. So the video’s gonna be on time? Oh my gosh.

  2. bah, it still probably has to export, upload and process on revver. from experience, something always goes wrong in one of those steps, forcing you to redo it.

    more greenscreen, yay!

  3. Revver’s only been screwing up recently because they moved their whole database to new servers and haves gotten the kinks out.
    Still it has been irritating. But, yes it should be up around midday.

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