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I Like The Olympics

Always have. Despite never really being into sports, I’ve always enjoyed the spectacle and the positive message of the Olympics.

In fact, now that they’re on, I really wish people would leave the politics out of it until they’re done. The whole point of the games is to bring the world together in a positive atmosphere of friendly competition. Protesting them is doing more harm than good right now.

Someone invited me to join a Facebook group called “Boycott the 2008 Genocide Games”. I felt that was a bit much.

In fact my only problem with the games so far is the Team Canada uniforms. During the opening ceremonies everyone else had either traditional outfits of their country, or suits. Classy.

Canada had tacky looking polos, slacks and shoulder bags. It honestly looked like we, as a country, had slept in and arrived late to our first block biology class.

Regardless, this is how I’m spending my afternoon.
Oh, Brian Williams. I’m glad they pull you out of cryo-stasis every two years to cover the games.


6 Responses to “I Like The Olympics”

  1. I’ve always wondered about people and Olympics Boycotts. Just seems kind of silly for people to boycott the one time when country’s are willing to drop all the crap and do something together. It may not be perfect but it at least shows we can be somewhat civilized, those who boycott it show they aren’t that civilized….

  2. You know, I feel the same way. Im not really into the summer Olympics but i have always enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies and checking on the medals standings.

    Im also kinda excited to be living in Vancouver for 2010. I have always wanted to go see a Olympic event.(Its on my to do list for life) But then i think about the fact that i still have to live here. I have to go through my day to day life with all these tourists. I dont even like Stampede week in Calgary. Im going to loose my shit during the Olympics.

  3. You obviously didn’t see the Australian uniforms, Graham. Ugh. Canada looked great next to us. 😛

  4. The uniforms (Olympyjamas) also have a bandana that can be used as a face mask in case of excessive smog.

  5. Ditto on the Aussie uniforms. Looks like they spent 50c each on them. Cheap 1990’s style tracksuits.

    Most awful uniform ever.

  6. And the US looked like a bunch of prep school rejects. But that’s probably because Ralph Lauren designed the uniform.

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