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Must Go Faster

No photo this time, sorry. You’ll just have to imagine.

So, imagine: We’re in the theatre to see Pinapple Express and nearly the entire row in front of us is filled with quintessential douchebags. Baseball caps, short-sleeved madras collared shirts, ribbed tank tops underneath and surfer-dude beaded necklaces.

We’re talking eight to ten guys with variations on that theme.

When Seth Rogen’s character makes a quip about Jeff Goldblum, they all had to turn to one another and ask, “Who’s Jeff Goldblum?”

When the question made it’s way down the line they has to ask the guy in front of them. He didn’t know either. Wither, Mr. Goldblum?

Must go faster. Sad.


One Response to “Must Go Faster”

  1. Thank you! For not photographing this.
    I worked at a movie theatre in my hometown for approximately six years. You would not believe how difficult it is to discourage people from using cellular phones and cameras in the cinemas. It is walking a thin line because of strict anti-piracy policies, and the light from screens disrupts the viewing pleasure of others.
    My manager was very firm about this, and I always tried to warn people for their own good. But ten minutes later he’d be pulling crying preteen girls, among many others, out by their ear lobes.
    And Goldblum is awesome.

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