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Market of the Night

I was at the Vancouver Night Market this evening. It’s essentially a giant tent-village that doesn’t realize it’s not Chinatown.

Tons of awesome food stalls (I’ve never had fried balls of octopus before) and other retail stalls filled with a variety of cheap crap.

I resisted the urge to buy a selection of reasonably prices swords.


3 Responses to “Market of the Night”

  1. I love the night market – I wish I had the money to go this year, but alas. Have you had Dragon’s Beard candy? I get some every time I go, it’s great!

  2. Did you eat arm or leg octo-balls?

  3. As someone who spent 15 bucks on a katana at a ballroom competition

    (long story short, it was the Arnold Classic so it had ballroom dancewith weightlifting, and martial arts with mini cheerleaders, as well as an expo of the most ripped mo-fos you will ever see selling stuff to make you a ripped mo-fo as well. Seriously, I saw ripped women in tight pants that showed off their testicles very well)

    you really should have gone for at least one. They are only cheap ass replicas, you probably wouldn’t damage anything with one.

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