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Looks like Esquire made some sort of typo on the cover of their latest issue. Not sure how that managed to slip past the editors.

I mean, come on Halle Berry?

I’m sure they’ll print a correction.


9 Responses to “Oops”

  1. uhh, im pretty sure thats how its spelled.

  2. sigh

  3. I, however, do get it. Ouch. I like Halle Berry.

  4. I’ve never found her to be as attractive as other people seem to.
    She certainly doesn’t deserve “sexiest woman alive”.

  5. She’s up there.

    Now, Angelina Jolie… THAT I don’t understand.

  6. I’m with Graham. When Swordfish came out, everybody was drooling over her. I was like “Man, I’d WAY rather see so and so”

    Also I agree about Jolie, not a fine(except for in Gia)

  7. the word TYPO set me in the wrong direction. Also why are all the sexyest women like 40?

  8. I’m obviously not a guy, but it seems to me a woman has to come into her own to be truly sexy.

  9. quite frankly, a woman has to be attractive at all to be truly sexy.

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