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Blackberry Deludes Itself

Okay, in general I refuse to be “Yay! iPhone! Rah rah rah!!!” but what were Verizon and Blackberry thinking with this ad? They’ve seen iPhones right?



5 Responses to “Blackberry Deludes Itself”

  1. Imagine “hey , I gotta get me one of those phones that also runs the internet real nice and picks up my email” – when the atechistic business world is thinking this, all Blackberry needs to do is pretend it’s the only one…

  2. I did some price checking around here:

    Verizon Blackberry – $199 phone, $45 base plan
    AT&T iPhone – $199 phone, $45 base plan

    Only difference between the plan features is that AT&T has rollover minutes, and Verizon does not. Everything else is comparable.

    So Verizon: WTF?

  3. Verizon is lame.
    Where I live they have ads on the train for Verizon Fios that says:
    “Riker’s Island: Razor shard fence
    Staten Island: Razor Sharp definition
    Staten Island Wins”
    …You know, because there was ever any doubt that Staten Island was better than Riker’s?

  4. I believe I see Morgan-head there too.

    I recognise the Desert Bus stubble

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