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Korea and Its Electronics

Now, I like LG as a brand. They’re not the greatest, but they’ve always done me well. Most people think (thanks to their extensive marketing campaign) that LG stands for “Life’s Good”. This proves not to be the case.

In fact, it stands for the much less confidence filling name of “Lucky Goldstar”.

While someone in their marketing department clearly clued into the notion that Lucky Goldstar might sound odd to North Americans, whoever handles their user interfaces clearly wasn’t briefed.

May I present: My new (hilarious) TV.


6 Responses to “Korea and Its Electronics”

  1. No, I don’t want to enjoy it, what would ever give you that idea ^-^

  2. …wow, I haven’t seen genuine static in aaaages! I thought all TVs these days just showed a black screen if there was no input.
    Bravo Graham, you’ve got a reel quality item there. (Seriously, the nostalgia factor is awesome)

  3. Wow.. Women aren’t even that nice to me.

  4. Do you want to enjoy an external device? That sounds wrong on so many levels xD

  5. I actually would like to enjoy my devices…… yea….

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