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This is the Recognition Rainbow.

If someone does something that makes them stand out on the team, you’re supposed to write their name on a post-it, explaining why, and then they can get their name drawn for a Statbucks card.

My team all got ours names on it recently for doing our job to the standard expectations. Okay, I guess?

Really I just wanted to tell you that we have a Recognition Rainbow.


Nice one, The Province. Now you look even more like a campus newspaper from Ballcaps and Beer Bongs Community College.

And I thought the WWE had the best/worst Obama pun with their inspired promo of: “Can you smell what Barack is cooking?”


Looks like Esquire made some sort of typo on the cover of their latest issue. Not sure how that managed to slip past the editors.

I mean, come on Halle Berry?

I’m sure they’ll print a correction.


You’re welcome, Ricky. You’re very welcome.


And on it goes.
Again, your hobbies are probably weirder.

1) The Victoria Clipper, enroute to Seattle.
2) My parents’ downstairs bathroom, with hexagonal tile.
3) One of the myriad Starbucks on Burrard St, in Vancouver, BC.
4) Café Crèpe on Granville St, also in Vamcpuver.


At work, I get to use one of my favourite labour saving devices. It’s a machine that opens large volumes of envelope mail.

The mail gets flung by some rollers at high speed along a very sharp spinning blade that removes the top several millimetres of paper.

However, if one envelope goes errant it throws the whole bundle out of whack, as witnessed:


When I first glanced at this book while just passing the shelf, I honestly thought it was a non-fiction book on the topic of racial stereotypes pertaining to language.

I mean, come on! The Lace Reader?

Turns out it’s a novel about someone who tells the future by reading doilies.
I’m serious.


But this picture makes my job seems a lot more awesome than it actually is.

It was empty, so I don’t know what goes in there either.
Of course, even if there had been stuff in there, I guess I still wouldn’t know.


What hat?


I was at the Vancouver Night Market this evening. It’s essentially a giant tent-village that doesn’t realize it’s not Chinatown.

Tons of awesome food stalls (I’ve never had fried balls of octopus before) and other retail stalls filled with a variety of cheap crap.

I resisted the urge to buy a selection of reasonably prices swords.